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std in mouth

STDs of the Mouth: Oral STD Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

If you think you have an oral STD, you’re probably pretty worried and have spent a lot…

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can you get an std from oral sex

Can You Get an STD from Oral Sex? What You Need to Know About Oral Sex STI Risks

According to the World Health Organization, sexual partners transmit over 1 million STIs daily.  You may know…

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pimple on penis

Pimples or Bumps on Your Penis: Causes & Treatment

Noticing a new pimple on your penis can be a worrisome experience. Whether you see a red…

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std white spots on tonsils

Are White Spots on Tonsils a Symptom of STDs?

A sore throat is a vague symptom when you think about it. Do you have a cold…

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hpv vs herpes

HPV vs. Herpes: Differences, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Human papillomavirus (HPV) and herpes are both common sexually transmitted viruses. They can have similar symptoms, and…

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can you be born with an std

Can You Be Born with an STD? FAQs on STDs and Pregnancy

If you’re sexually active, the idea of contracting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) can result in feelings of…

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