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can you get aids from a mosquito

Can You Get AIDS From a Mosquito Bite?

Although modern medical treatment has made living with HIV a lot safer, the HIV virus still takes…

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std myths

Debunking the 10 Common STD Myths and Facts

Unfortunately, accurate information about sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) often ends up mixed in with STD myths. Many…

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std that causes diarrhea

Types of STD That Causes Diarrhea: How to Differentiate from Flu?

Most sexually active people assume that sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) only affect the genital area. Well-known symptoms…

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can you get an std without having sex

Can You Get an STD Without Having Sex? Types and Methods

The “S” in STD stands for “sexually,” so you might think that you can only contract an…

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chances of getting an std from a one night stand

Chances of Getting an STD from a One-Night Stand: Tips and Safe Practices

A one-night stand is something that many people have been through. It can provide an outlet for…

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std test negative but still worried

What To Do if STD Test Results Are Negative, But You Are Still Worried?

One of the most important parts of being a responsible, healthy, and sexually active adult is getting…

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