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stds that cause frequent urination

Four STDs That Cause Frequent Urination

What STD causes frequent urination? When you urinate with more frequency—without an increase in urine—you may want…

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can i take an sti test on my period

Can You Take an STI Test During Your Period? What You Need to Know

As a sexually active woman having your period, you may have found yourself wondering, “Can I take…

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uti or yeast infection

UTI or Yeast Infection? How to Differentiate Between Them, and Their Relation to STDs

If you feel pain when you urinate or notice discomfort in your genital area, you might have…

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nauseous after sex

What Does Feeling Nauseated After Sex Mean? Top Reasons

For many people, sex is about relief. Intimacy releases all the happy chemicals in your brain. Adrenaline…

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why is gonorrhea called the clap

Why Is Gonorrhea Called The Clap? Origins and Reasons

It’s not unusual for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to have nicknames. Gonorrhea…

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is semen good for you

Is Semen Good For You? Benefits and Risks

When a man gets frisky alone or with a partner, and he climaxes, he’ll ejaculate and release…

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