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getting tested for stds

STD Testing: 10 Reasons Getting Tested for STDs Is the Best Idea You’ve Had All Year

About one out of every five Americans carries an STI. Gonorrhea, chlamydia, syphilis, and other sexually transmitted diseases are…

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healthy sex life

Maintaining a Healthy Sex Life: STD Awareness

The phrase “healthy sex life” has many different definitions for different people. You can’t look it up…

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" at home std test"

At Home STD Test vs. STD Testing Clinic: What Are the Main Differences?

From online school to telehealth appointments, you can do almost everything at home nowadays. Here at STD…

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std without treatment

Can GO Away STD Without Treatment?

Contrary to various popular myths out there in the world, most STDs will not go away without…

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STDs that cause itching

STDs That Cause Itching: Other Signs, Testing, and Treatment

Itchy and embarrassed? Wondering what’s causing your discomfort that leaves you unable to sit still plus causes…

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Do Lambskin Condoms Protect Against STDs

Do Lambskin Condoms Protect Against STDs? What You Should Know About Sheepskin Condoms

If you’re sexually active but allergic to latex, lambskin condoms are an appealing alternative to latex condoms…

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