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can you reinfect yourself with chlamydia while on antibiotics

Can You Reinfect Yourself With Chlamydia While on Antibiotics?

Many people assume that they cannot become reinfected with an STD while they are receiving treatment for…

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can hiv treatment stop working

Can HIV Treatment Stop Working?

Modern HIV treatments have allowed many HIV patients to almost forget about their diagnoses, effectively controlling their…

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is there immunization for hepatitis c

Is There Immunization for Hepatitis C?

Hepatitis C doesn’t cause symptoms in everyone. About 30% of people with hepatitis C clear the infection on their…

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how long after gonorrhea treatment should i retest

How Long After Gonorrhea Treatment Should I Retest?

If you’ve contracted gonorrhea, it can be a relief to know that you’re not alone. More than 710,000…

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will my hair grow back after syphilis treatment

Will My Hair Grow Back After Syphilis Treatment?

If you’ve contracted syphilis, the good news is that this sexually transmitted disease (STD) is highly curable….

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men silhoutte

Why You Need to Retest for STDs: The Essential Information

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are infections that are spread through sexual contact, such as vaginal, anal, or…

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