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after std treatment

Can an STD Come Back After STD Treatment?

For most people, getting an STD is an embarrassing incident that they feel would be best forgotten….

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drug resistant std

Why You Should Be Concerned About Drug-Resistant STDs

Many people can live normal lives with a sexually transmitted disease (STD) since excellent treatment options exist,…

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history of condoms

History of Condoms: Contraception and Safe Sex Then and Now

Pulling out a condom during a sexual encounter is a no-brainer for many. But have you ever…

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sexual history

The Uncomfortable Talk About Sexual History: Why It’s Important

When getting to know a new partner, a wide range of topics may come up. But if…

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celebrities with hiv

15 Big-Time Celebrities With HIV

Getting a positive HIV diagnosis can be a devastating and life-changing experience, even for the rich and…

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what std causes night sweats

What STD Causes Night Sweats? Top Tips

Sweating is a normal bodily function. Often, it’s the body’s preferred method of thermoregulation, and the occasional…

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