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By: RSC Editorial Team

August 1, 2021

Importance Of Sexual Health: Fast STD Testing Online

When it comes to our health, there are plenty of different aspects. Mental, physical, and social health are all vital to maintaining a positive existence, and our sexual health delves into all three of these sectors.

For those of us in sexual relationships, there are plenty of issues that follow it around. While it's a miraculous practice and it's a lot of fun, we still need to make sure we're mature and responsible whenever we engage. We also need to ensure that we look after those around us regarding their sexual health.

As children and teenagers, the majority of us were taught the basics of sexual health. Many kids find some aspects hard to fathom, and the awkward teenage years may have gotten in the way of learning for plenty of young people. So, unfortunately, there is a large percentage of human beings that aren't as careful or knowledgeable about sex and everything surrounding it.

Sexual health is very important and in this article, we're going to discuss its importance. We're also going to go over the mental and social sides to it all, as well as keeping protected along the way. Everybody is different and enjoys different things, so we'll also discuss the subjective nature of sex and the different approaches to it.

So, without further ado, let's get into it:

The Perils Of Ignorance Regarding Overall Sexual Health

Many young people often ignore sexual health advice or education due to the awkwardness surrounding the topic or the peer pressure that comes with it. Hitting that age where you become more aware of your sexuality often comes with the stress of losing your virginity or having enough sex to keep up with the rest.

While there's little difference in the sexual desires of men and women, young men are typically pressured into becoming sexually active as they feel as though they'll be belittled for staying inactive.

The problem therein arrives when issues such as infections and diseases crop up. Having a healthy sex life is more than just engaging in the perfect amount of sex for you. It's also about staying mentally okay and ensuring you have solid STD testing along the way.

If you ignore this kind of essential aspect, then you could be in a lot of trouble going forward. What you feel might be an innocent and safe practice could end up leaving you in a very negative position.

The likes of same-day STD testing is available to everyone and anyone needing to evaluate their bodies after a period of sexual intercourse or any kind of activity. In many areas, it's completely free, so it would be unwise not to attend and take full advantage. You can never be too careful.

Keeping Healthy And Protecting Yourself

Keeping healthy when having sex or taking part in any kind of sexual activity never seems like the most fun aspect, but it's necessary.

When you're excited to be with somebody, your main focus is the activity and not the negatives that it may bring. Getting tested with the likes of same-day testing is important, however, if you aren't using protection of any kind.

You can also find fast STD testing online if you feel as though that's the route you'd like to go down.

For couples looking to have regular sex, condoms are often seen as a put-off. While they can lower the level of stimulation for one or both parties, they are pretty necessary if you want to avoid all kinds of issues. It's recommended that you bite the bullet and use one if you want a long and healthy sex life with fewer mental strains along the way.

You can purchase them from your local supermarket or drugstore. If you're worried about purchasing them in public, then you could also get them online or when you visit your local doctor.

Your local GP will also be able to tell you everything you need to know about your sex life and what can happen to you. So, if you wish to receive expert advice from an experienced practitioner, then one of your best moves will be to book an appointment there.

The internet has an extremely large number of valuable educational articles regarding your sexual organs and how they can be affected negatively (or positively) with the right moves.

It's best to educate yourself and take the smart route before you even think about engaging in regular sex. One wrong move and you could be paying a serious and long-term price.

The Mental Side of Sex

There isn't a one-size-fits-all attitude toward sex. There are plenty of opinions surrounding it.

Plenty see it as only a practice that makes children and brings life. Some enjoy it as more of a pleasurable activity and nothing more.

In-between lies an array of different ideas. For many people, pressure and stress can be applied.

For instance, if you're a young man or woman who has yet to engage in sex, you may feel as though you're missing out. Some people may tease you, pressure you, or shame you. For young people heading into their twenties, the idea of being a virgin can affect their mental health and their mental sexual health.

The truth is that there is no right time, and it's entirely up to the individual. No shame or guilt should ever be felt for abstaining. A healthy sex life is absolutely one that brings mental and physical happiness.

For plenty of men, this kind of pressure can lead to depression. A lot of men can lose their drive once they get down. It's not a great situation to be in as it can cause further shame and further depression.

If you're feeling down or feeling pressured to have sex, then you could always speak to somebody that you can trust. Either that or speak to a specialist who deals with sexual health and everything under the umbrella of sex. Nobody's mental health should take a hit due to their sexual activities.

No human being should be judged. Some groups like to focus heavily on the count of partners – the truth is that it just does not matter one bit in the grand scheme.

Social Aspects And The Culture Of Sex

As we've touched on, sex is a hot topic in so many communities. If you're from a background that views sex exclusively as a practice in order to create new life, then you probably won't worry too much about the social implications. Many young people worry about their sexual activity or inactivity, however.

Young men typically will like to show off and talk about their sex life while others may want to keep quiet about their inactivity. Plenty of women are shamed for being sexually active – and this is for absolutely no reason.

What somebody does with their body does not matter to anyone else unless serious physical harm is unleashed onto the other individual involved. Mental sexual health is just as important as other areas of sexual health, and the social implications can play a huge part in how one feels.

Experimentation And Different Desires

As humans, we all have needs, urges, desires, and whatever else we want to describe them as.

If you're an asexual individual and you do not engage too much in this kind of activity, then you should never, ever feel as though you're strange or that you're not functioning properly as a human being. Many asexual people can struggle to come to terms with what their biology has led them to. They shouldn't; they're completely natural and normal.

In terms of the different desires and wants that a person can possess, there is seemingly no limit. Everyone has different tastes.

Some prefer what is described as ‘vanilla' sex. This is used to describe your standard positions and practices.

Others prefer to experiment with all kinds of different toys, positions, actions, and behaviors.

Again, both are perfectly fine and nobody should be shamed into feeling as though they're abnormal. Of course, venturing into immoral and illegal practices should not be even considered, but this goes without saying. A healthy sex life is one that is looked after, but one that is also comfortable for everyone involved.

Looking After Friends Regarding Their Sex Life And Sexual Health

You'd look after your friends regarding their general health, wouldn't you? Well, the same can be said for their sexual health and how they approach their sex life, too. Obviously, this is a little more taboo and personal, so you won't venture deeply into their personal lives. You can check on how they're doing mentally, however. If you allow them to open up, then you can discuss things like infections and diseases.

A healthy sex life is full of knowledge and comfort. If you have friends who can put you at ease regarding the umbrella of sexual health, then that's only going to help you.

If you have friends who are unaware of their own sexual health, then you could help them by letting them know about STD testing with the likes of rapidstdtesting.com so that they are able to get to grips with where they stand. Fast STD testing online might just be the way forward as we all want speedy results.

If your friend is dealing with anxiety, stress, pressure, or depression regarding their sex life, then you, as a friend, should be there to make them feel better. Shaming others regarding anything sexual shouldn't be on the cards at all.

It's their life and it shouldn't be belittled due to how things have panned out for them in this regard.

To Conclude

Sex is a natural and normal aspect of life. It does come with plenty of different negatives, however. Mentally, socially, and physically, a human being can go through the mire.

The best course of action is always to understand what you're heading into. It may be a boring endeavor, to begin with, but it'll save you in the long run. Learn about the dangers and the perils of sex and how you can become affected by diseases and infections.

It should also be stressed that shaming others regarding infections, diseases, activity, kinks, lack of activity, or anything sex-related should be avoided. We are all human and we are all different. Nobody should feel bad about how we express ourselves sexually.

If you feel as though you need to learn more or that you need to get yourself tested, then don't be afraid to check out the likes of Rapid Testing. This could be the lifesaver you've been hoping for.

An appointment with your local doctor or sexual health professional would also be a wise choice. For now, though, go forth and explore your life, and everything that goes with it.


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By: RSC Editorial Team
August 1, 2021

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