Let's Talk About Safe Sex

By: RSC Editorial Team

July 25, 2021

A Condom Guide for Safe Sex

When it comes to having a healthy sex life, you need to do what you can to avoid unwanted pregnancies and STIs. Safe sex is sexy, and you should ensure that you are in the know when it comes to condoms before you go out there and start having sex. Condoms are a must with new partners as they will keep you safe, and understanding which are the top brands of condoms and how to use them is part of the package.

Condoms are an important way of protecting yourself and protecting your partner, and there is a lot to be gained from these thin rubber shields! They'll protect your body at a lower cost than pregnancy, or a trip to the doctor will cost for STD treatment, and yet condoms are constantly vilified in the media. There is not enough education surrounding the fantastic qualities of condoms, and they are demonized as something that prevents sex from being pleasurable. When used correctly, however, condoms can make sex an enjoyable and exciting experience. Given that schools spend more time preaching abstinence over sexual health and the advantages of condoms, there's a somewhat skewed opinion about condoms out there.

Good sex = safe sex, and for safe sex to be safe, you need condoms. Yes, there are other contraceptives out there, but the pill, the coil, and the implant don't prevent genital lice, herpes, or other STDs. Understanding the importance of condoms will help you maintain a healthy sex life and keep you informed about your sexual health and the risks of having sex with new partners. In this condom guide, we're going to explore all you need to know about condoms, some of the top condom brands, and the benefits of using condoms at all!

Types of Condoms

Believe it or not, condoms aren't just a one-product-wonder. You can use these contraceptives that are available in a range of styles, shapes, and sizes. You can choose the standard rubbers on the shelf, but you can also get flavored condoms, ultra-thin condoms, and extra-large ones. You can buy them ribbed and dotted or a mix of both. You can even buy ones with tingly lube covering them to give the ladies a fizz of pleasure. Condoms are designed to make sex safe, but that doesn't mean that sex can't feel great when you use them!

We all know about male condoms – they're a thin sheath commonly made with latex rolled over the top of the penis and down to the base to create that barrier between skin and skin. Sperm – once ejaculated – is collected inside the tip of the condom, and this prevents the transmission of fluids. They're made to accommodate different penis sizes, and they're not just available in latex. You can even buy condoms in plastic or lambskin – handy if you have a latex allergy. Condoms come flavored for oral sex, and if you want to find that “natural feel,” the ultra-thin ones we mentioned earlier are a great option. When used correctly, condoms are 97% effective against pregnancies and STDs, and you must know how to put a condom on properly to ensure that you get maximum protection.

Putting On A Condom

It's something that should be taught in every single school, but here is how to put on a male condom:

  • Rip open the wrapper and carefully remove the condom.
  • Check it for tears and holes at the tip – without unraveling it.
  • Pinch the top of the condom and place the ring over the end of the penis.
  • Unroll the condom to the base so that the shaft is covered.
  • If it rips as you roll, replace the condom.
  • For every new sex session, a fresh condom is a must – no recycling, please!

Once you have finished, condoms should be removed straight away. As you pull out from your partner, grab the base to prevent spillage and gently unroll the other way. Dispose in the bin – not down the toilet – and be careful not to spill.

What If He Won't Wear One?

Before we dive into some of the top condom brands, we wanted to give you a little insight into how to respond if you're going to have sex with a man who doesn't want to wear a condom. It's a straightforward response and it should ensure 100% effectiveness:


Ladies, your sexual health is 100% more important than the ego of a man who refuses to wear one. If you want condoms used during sex, and he refuses to use condoms for whatever reason, the simple answer to continuing to have intercourse is a steady no. It's not about hurting feelings, but unwanted pregnancy and STDs are not worth going ahead and relying on his pull-out game. Let's be clear: pulling out is not an effective form of contraception, nor does it prevent you from STDs. Some of the things you can do if he won't wear a condom include:

  • “They don't fit me.” – Let's find a brand that fits you first, then we can enjoy ourselves more.
  • “I don't like how they feel.” – Pregnancy and childbirth over nine months feel far worse than a few minutes with a condom. Let's choose a different type.
  • “They ruin the mood.” – Let me help you put it on; we'll get the mood going when we're having safe sex.
  • “They delay my orgasm.” – Great! I'll get to orgasm first, and you can last longer!
  • “It takes too long to put one on.” – It just takes practice; It's worth the wait.

You see, there's no reason that you should ever be pressured into sex without a condom. Being firm and discussing contraception before the topic of sex comes up is also another way to ensure that you can enjoy safer sex.

Top Condom Brands

There are many brands of condoms out there, but the ones we've included in this article are some of the top condom brands around the world. Their names are recognizable, and you can learn a little more about each of them!

Durex Condoms

This UK-based company is one of the most popular and well-known condom companies around the world. They were the first company to develop electronic testing for condoms and produced condoms that were anatomically shaped. They were the first brand that designed condoms specific to premature ejaculation, and they manufacture rings and lubricants, too.

Trojan Condoms

Popular in the US, Trojan condoms are a bestseller. They use premium quality latex, and they are designed from a woman's perspective. They have high sales in the US and Canada, and they also manufacture vibrators and lubricants to make your experience much more pleasure-focused. There are more than 30 different condom varieties on offer by Trojan, too.

Lifestyles SKYN Condoms

Different from other brands, Lifestyles offer SKYN condoms that were created with polyisoprene. They're known for being more comfortable than other brands, and because they're non-latex, they're a preferred brand for those with sensitivities to the material otherwise. They offer lubricants and other related sexual products as well as their condoms.

What Size Condom Do I Need?

Did you know that condoms are sold in a variety of sizes? It makes sense, given that no two penises are the same. From the petite sizes to the extra-large, condoms have a range of choices – though most men find the standard size of condoms still fit well and are comfortable as an option. They're still effective against pregnancies and STDs, too.

One thing to bear in mind is that it's not about inches in length that matters when sizing up condoms. It's all about girth – the width around the penis. Men who have a perimeter under 4.5 inches will generally want a more snugly fit condom, whereas larger girth sizes will better suit larger condoms. Testing out a range of brands isn't just suitable for the size of your penis, but for your comfort, as there will be a brand out there that feels good. It's just about finding it! Penis size has no bearing on pleasure for a woman (let's be honest, there are other ways to enjoy an orgasm!), so don't be tempted to buy the condoms marked “extra-large” to soothe your ego. The best condoms are ones that fit you properly, so measure up and go shopping.

If the condoms you choose are too tight, you are risking a rip in the material. Too large, and the tip of the condom won't hold the sperm properly, and you risk fluid transmission and pregnancy. Size does matter, but only when we're talking comfortable condoms.

Are Condoms That Effective?

When used correctly, there is a 97% success rate in condom usage. Improperly placed condoms are going to be less effective, as are condoms that are torn. The effectiveness drops to 85% in these cases. If you're planning to have sex, properly fitted condoms are essential, so don't rush that bit in the effort to get to the main event. Take your time putting it on and taking it off so that you and your partner can be confident that your sex together is safe. Only 2 in 100 users will fall pregnant with perfect condom use, which means that there is a 98% chance that you won't have to worry! Excellent condom use is a must if you want to keep babies off the conversation table with your partner. If you're having regular sex with a range of partners, you're not just protecting your partners from sexually transmitted diseases, but you're protecting yourself, too. Same-day STD testing is available for those who are dealing with condom breakage!

What If The Condom Breaks?

The good news is that you can continue to safeguard yourself with same-day STD testing by Rapid STD Testing. You can order the tests you want privately online, then visit one of their 4,500+ local labs to give a quick blood or urine sample and get results in 1-2 days. The material used to make condoms is made thin to have a comfortable experience while you have sex. It can still be subject to tearing, though, primarily when not handled correctly. It can also happen if you don't change it over between sessions or don't store them correctly and become weaker.

You'll notice if something tears or rips while you're using your condom, as where the penis is no longer protected, you'll have a different sensation. You'll also notice a condom that is too loose or that slides off while you have sex. If you see something different, stop having sex immediately – no matter how close to the finish line you are! Encourage your partner to get the morning-after pill, just in case of pregnancy, and get tested for STDs. Use a new condom before you continue.

Which Condoms are Best to Use for Safe Sex?

Condoms come in various shapes and styles, so it's trial and error as to which condom type you should be using. The best condoms will be those that are comfortable for you to wear, don't rip when you're using them, and that offer you a pleasurable experience. We can't tell you which condom brand that will be! Choosing the right condoms can be confusing if you're not giving yourself the chance to shop around and explore, so make sure that you measure your penis first so that you can choose the right condoms without a problem.

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If you have dealt with condom breakage or simply want to ensure that you enjoy safe sex when you get out there into the world, contact us for rapid, same-day STD testing. A clean bill of health makes for a much more exciting sex life!


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By: RSC Editorial Team
July 25, 2021

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