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By: RSC Editorial Team

June 21, 2023

Sexual Health: The Importance of STD Testing for New Couples

Sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) have been a public health concern for decades. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), there are nearly 20 million new cases of STDs every year in the United States alone. This alarming statistic highlights the need for awareness and education about STDs, especially for new couples just starting their sexual relationship.

Couples who engage in sexual activity with each other are at risk of contracting and transmitting STDs. Therefore, both partners must get tested before starting a sexual relationship. If one partner is infected, it can be treated, and steps can be taken to prevent transmission to the other partner. Regular testing can detect new infections early on and prevent further complications.

Why New Couples Should Get Tested for STDs

New couples who are just starting their sexual relationship may feel uncomfortable or embarrassed about talking about STDs and testing. However, it is essential to have an open and honest conversation about sexual health to avoid any potential risks. Here are some reasons why new couples should get tested for STDs:

  • Peace of mind: Getting tested for STDs can give both partners peace of mind and reduce anxiety about their sexual health.
  • Prevention: Knowing each other's status can help prevent the transmission of STDs and protect both partners from future infections.
  • Builds trust: Having an open and honest conversation about sexual health can build trust and strengthen the relationship.
  • Health Responsibility: Taking responsibility for one's sexual health and encouraging one's partner to do the same is a sign of maturity and respect.

Tips to Open a Conversation about STDs with Your Partner

Starting a conversation about STDs with your partner can be challenging because it requires honesty, sensitivity, and respect. Here are some tips to help you open up the conversation:

Be Honest about Getting Tested and Why It Matters to You

Start by expressing your concerns about sexual health and getting tested. If you have been tested in the past, share your experience of getting tested and how it made you feel. Be honest about your own status and encourage your partner to do the same. Let them know that getting tested is for their own protection and the relationship's well-being.

Research STD Testing to Talk about It in an Informed Manner

Do your research on STD testing, the types of infections, and how they are transmitted. This will help you talk about the matter in an informed and confident manner. You can share information with your partner and educate them on the risks and benefits of testing.

Listen to Your Partner's Concerns and Objections

Be prepared to listen to your partner's concerns and objections. They may feel uncomfortable or scared about getting tested or have misconceptions about STDs. Encourage them to share their thoughts and feelings and address their concerns sensitively and non-judgmentally.

Talk about the Matter in Private

The topic of STDs and STD testing is sensitive and personal. It's important to talk about it privately so that both partners can feel comfortable and safe expressing themselves without feeling embarrassed or judged. Choose a quiet and private space where you can speak openly and honestly with each other.

What to Expect When Getting Tested for STDs

Getting tested for STDs is a straightforward and painless process. Here is what to expect:

  • Preparation: Before getting tested, the person should avoid urinating for at least one hour to ensure an accurate urine sample. They should also avoid sexual activity, douching, or using spermicidal products for 24 hours before the test.
  • Sample Collection: Depending on the type of test, the person may need to provide a blood, urine, or tissue sample. The healthcare provider will collect and send the sample to a laboratory for analysis.
  • Results: The results usually take a few days to return. The person will be informed of their status and any necessary treatment or follow-up.


STD testing for couples is crucial in maintaining sexual health and preventing the spread of sexually transmitted infections. It is recommended for all sexually active couples, especially if partners change or if they have had unprotected sex with someone else. By getting tested regularly and practicing safe sex, couples can protect themselves and their partners from the harmful effects of STDs.

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By: RSC Editorial Team
June 21, 2023

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