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Chicago HIV & STD Testing

Chicago, IL, sees hundreds of new HIV infections every year. If you think you’re at risk, early detection testing for HIV is essential for your health and peace of mind—and you probably have lots of questions.

  •   When is the right time to get tested?
  •   Can I afford it?
  •   Is testing confidential?
  •   How accurate are results? How soon will I get them?
  •   What about other STDs? Where can I find same-day STD testing near me?

Our physicians and medical professionals at Rapid STD Testing can provide you with a quick, convenient, and safe testing process. We will not share your information or pass judgment. We care only about your health. 

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What to Know About Our HIV Tests and other STI Tests in Chicago

Whether you’re experiencing HIV symptoms or believe you may have been exposed to the virus, early detection is crucial for effective treatment and preventing future transmission.

Types of HIV Tests

At Rapid STD Testing, we offer two types of highly reliable HIV tests. Each test requires a small sample of blood.

  •  HIV 1 & 2 Antibody (4th Generation)

This test detects p24 antigens and HIV antibodies. P24 antigens make up much of the virus and show up in blood within weeks of exposure. Later, your immune system fights the virus by producing HIV antibodies that attack the p24 antigens. The ability to detect HIV at either stage of infection makes this test practical for a wide range of patients.

  •  HIV RNA Test (HIV Early Detection Test)

This test can successfully detect HIV before p24 antigens are detectable, making it an ideal choice when you believe you may have contracted an infection recently.

When to Get Tested for HIV

At Rapid STD Testing, we recommend waiting 10 days after potential exposure before getting an HIV RNA test.

The most accurate test results occur after antibodies have built up in the bloodstream, which takes about twelve weeks. At that point, an antibodies test will be 99.5% accurate.

Getting Your HIV Test Results

In as few as 1-3 days, your test results will be ready. No trip to the doctor’s office or clinic is required. Just call Rapid STD Testing to speak privately with a professional counselor about your results.

Testing for Other STIs

Test panels for multiple sexually transmitted diseases, as well individual tests, are available for:

  •   Chlamydia
  •   Gonorrhea
  •   Syphilis
  •   Herpes (1 and 2)
  •   Hepatitis A, B, and C
  •   Trichomoniasis

Three Steps to Getting Fast and Confidential HIV and STI Tests in Chicago

Step 1: Order Your Tests Online or by Phone

Don’t subject yourself to an uncomfortable conversation with your doctor or insurance company. Schedule HIV and STD tests with Rapid STD Testing online or over the phone. No one else ever has to know.

Step 2: Visit our STD Testing Center in Chicago

You don’t need to travel far. You can find a Rapid STD Testing Center convenient to your Chicago location. With our professional staff, you”ll have no reason to be nervous or embarrassed. We perform every test in a clean and safe environment. You’ll be in and out in a matter of minutes.

Step 3: Get Your Results and Consult with Our Medical Experts and Consultants

At Rapid STD Testing, our commitment to patient privacy is absolute. To receive your results, you must call us and confirm your personal information.

When you call, you’ll speak with a professional counselor who will clearly explain your test results, as well as treatment and support options.

Why Choose Rapid STD Testing’s Chicago Clinics for STI/HIV Tests

You’re already stressed from an HIV scare. Getting tested shouldn’t compound that stress. At Rapid STD Testing, we make the entire testing process as simple as possible. 

Scheduling requires only one phone call or a few clicks on our website. We can usually fit you in on the same day.

Rapid STD Testing offers different HIV tests to accommodate your specific situation, and our tests are 99.5% accurate. 

Your test results are completely confidential. Your doctor won’t know. Your insurance won’t know. Not even your credit card company will know the reason for the charge.

We have offices all over Chicago, so search for Rapid STD Testing near me to find your most convenient location.

Learn more about us and why our services are right for you, then give us a call.

STD/HIV Testing Costs and Payment Information

Our privacy policy prevents us from accepting insurance, including Medicare and Medicaid.

Payment options include:

  •   Major credit cards and debit cards
  •   Pre-paid gift cards issued by a major credit card
  •   Health savings plans
  •   PayPal

An HIV RNA Test (HIV Early Detection), which we recommend that you take at 10 days after potential exposure, is $299.

The HIV 1 & 2 Antibody (4th Generation) test, which is 99.5% accurate after twelve weeks, is $139.

 HIV tests are also included in the Rapid STD Basic Panel, Test Panel, and Comprehensive Test Packages that offer an affordable way to test for multiple STDs.

Getting tested for HIV and STDs helps couples establish and maintain a healthy relationship. That’s why Rapid STD Testing offers a discount for couples who schedule tests together.

FAQs on HIV Tests in Chicago

How soon can an HIV test detect HIV? Is 8-12 weeks enough time to test for HIV?

It takes several days after exposure before HIV becomes detectable.

  •   An HIV RNA test can detect HIV in as few as 10 days after infection
  •   Testing for antibodies, which is the most common method, is most reliable after twelve weeks

Is it possible to test positive while you are negative?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that HIV tests rarely provide a false-positive result.

  •   The CDC puts testing accuracy at 99.6%
  •   A second confirmation test is necessary after every positive result

How Common is HIV in Chicago? HIV and STI Prevalence

Every sexually active person is at risk for HIV and STIs. Because not every infected person exhibits symptoms, it’s important to get tested.

  •   In 2018, 23,580 people with HIV were living in Chicago
  •   That year, Chicago saw 734 new HIV diagnoses
  •   In 2018, Cook County, IL, saw 43,271 cases of Chlamydia and 16,117 of Gonorrhea 
  •   Annual cases of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea in Cook County increased in 2017 and again in 2018

 Find your most convenient source for HIV/STD testing in Chicago, IL by calling Rapid STD Testing at 1-866-872-1888 today.