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Despite numerous screening events and open free clinics, people still have hesitations in getting themselves tested for STD.

Perhaps one of the main reasons for this is confidentiality. People are embarrassed to talk about their symptoms, afraid they would be asked how they got infected and would be shamed. Even “being caught” going into a clinic elicits a feeling embarrassment.

Why You Need To Get Tested

This is understandable, but it doesn’t change the fact that it is important to be certain if one is indeed infected or not. That’s because STDs that have not been treated for a long time can lead to serious health issues.

  • In women, the infection caused by an untreated chlamydia can spread to other parts of the reproductive system like the pelvis which can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, chronic pelvic pain and infertility. Untreated chlamydia in men can lead to a condition called epididymitis, an inflammation of the tube behind the testicles. It is also linked to reduced fertility.
  • Complications from untreated genital herpes are rare, but it does happen. It can lead to inflammation of the lower spinal cord and the nerves around it, bladder problems, meningitis and encephalitis.
  • Left to progress to the tertiary stage, syphilis can severely damage your brain, nervous system, heart, blood vessels, bones, liver, joints and kidneys. It can lead to blindness, loss of motor skills, dementia, and death.
  • Certain types of HPV or Human Papillomavirus can cause cancers to develop—penile cancer in men, cervical cancer in women and anal cancer in both men and women.

I don’t have symptoms. Does it mean I don’t have STD?

Not all STDs have signs and symptoms. About 95% of people with chlamydia for instance do not show any symptoms. Some only develop outward signs after several years, so you could be infected and not know it.

In effect, this causes the spread of STDs even more. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that in Arizona, the figures have tripled since 2000. Arizona is among the top five with the highest reported cases of syphilis in general.

To prevent catastrophic health complications, get yourself tested in reputable STD testing clinics in Gilbert, Arizona. The sooner you know if you’re infected, the sooner you can get the appropriate treatment.

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