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By: RSC Editorial Team

May 13, 2024

Can GO Away STD Without Treatment?

Contrary to various popular myths out there in the world, most STDs will not go away without treatment. These myths were perpetuated by those who became too embarrassed to get tested, so word spreads – almost as fast as an unchecked STD without treatment! People would rather avoid a conversation with a partner than go into a clinic for a diagnosis, and so rumours begin and people start to think that most if not all, STDs will clear up if they are ignored.

It's just not the case. It's the opposite, most STDs will get worse if they are left untreated. Some STDs, if left untreated, can cause issues with fertility, and each consenting adult must be educated on the risks and dangers of STDs before they begin having sex. Due to a lack of sexual health and education, a good number of adults having sex are sorely lacking when it comes to education on the facts surrounding STDs, which is why articles such as this exist.

What Is A Parasitic/Bacterial STD Without Treatment?

These are the STDs that don't go away on their own: think chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis. These will always require a prescription for medication to be managed properly. STDs like scabies, pubic lice, and trich are all curable, but again, they require a prescription! When you leave any of these diseases untreated, you will find that other aspects of your health are in trouble. These STDs can also spread to other sexual partners, which is why you should always get tested between partners – regularly.

Consequences of Untreated STDs

When you leave any STD without treatment untreated, there will be consequences. Bacterial STDs, like chlamydia and gonorrhea, can potentially cause pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancies, and infertility in both men and women. Chlamydia goes beyond pelvic issues, too, as it can also cause urethra inflammation, arthritis, and more. Gonorrhea can also cause widespread infections in the bloodstream. When STDs, such as syphilis, are left without treatment, there is a significant risk of damage to the nervous system, eyes, heart, and joints. It can even lead to an early death, which sounds harsh but is everything you need to know.

What About Viral STDs?

Did you know that viral STDs are the only STDs that may be able to go away on their own? Hepatitis B and C as well as HPV can all go away without any treatment. HIV and herpes, however, stay in the body for life and they need to be managed to control symptoms. Some people with hepatitis B and C may contract it and then clear it from their system without treatment, however, when this doesn't happen it's known as chronic hepatitis. This will be an issue as it can cause liver disease and liver cancers, which is something you want to avoid! When it comes to HPV, it's wise to note there are over 150 strains of HPV, so regular testing is an absolute must! You will find that many of these clear up on their own, but others won't go away.

There is no cure for HIV or herpes as of yet, but you should seek the advice of a doctor if you have any symptoms or suspect you have contracted either of these. Antiviral meds are a must and, in the case of herpes, they can lessen the severity of the outbreaks. For those infected with HIV, antiviral medications can reduce the complications associated with the infection and may reduce the risk of spreading it to a partner.

Treating STDs

If you have an STD that will only go away with treatment, you need to seek timely treatment to remain healthy. When you are left untreated, the consequences we mentioned above are going to be the next thing that you need to deal with. If you have an STD that won't go away but that can be treated to reduce your symptoms, you should always be honest about your STD when you meet a new partner. The best ones are the ones that, with treatment, WILL go away, and if you want to know how you can cure an STD without treatment without going to the doctor, consulting a professional clinic is the way to go.

STDs are often asymptomatic, but that doesn't mean that there is no risk of infection. It's very dangerous not to get tested if you have any suspicions, and an absence of symptoms doesn't mean that you shouldn't get safe, same-day STD testing. You want to be able to have enjoyable, safe sex, and that's so much easier when you are being treated for an STD.

So, can an STD go away on its own? Most of the time, no! This is why you should get convenient and accurate testing with rapidstdtesting.com. The convenience of same-day STD testing is such that you can get fast and confidential answers to the unanswered questions that you have.

Preventing STDs

The only real way you can prevent any STD without treatment is absolute abstinence. However, in the absence of a sexless existence, you should talk openly with your partner and get tested regularly. You can also model safe sex with condoms every time you get together.

A healthy and active sex life can be enjoyed even with the presence of STDs. It is never too late to learn more about safe sex, using protection could keep you both healthy in the bedroom (or wherever!). Using water-based lubrication is also a smart idea, as it's going to prevent any micro-tearing that can allow STDs and STIs into the bloodstream. If you're in a same-sex relationship, condoms and STDs are still relevant, and you can use condoms on shared sex toys. You should also thoroughly clean them after use and ensure that they are stored properly.

Your sex life should be all about safe sex which should be an exciting thing for you. The right STD without treatment will help you to get your sex life back on track and help you to remain healthy now and into the future. With the help of same-day STD testing from rapidstdtesting.com, you can get back on track easily and quickly!

Medically Reviewed By DR. HARSHI DHINGRA,Pathologist (MD) on May 07,2024


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By: RSC Editorial Team
May 13, 2024

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